Restringing a Tennis Racket

24/06/2015 by MoBits

Being an avid tennis player, I often wondered why players insisted on getting a racket restring instead of buying a new tennis racket. In this day of age, some racquets can cost upwards of £150+ and whilst the racket will always outlive the strings, it makes sense just to replace the strings. So we digged deeper and found Racquet Restrings in Liverpool offered a restringing service with prices starting from just £10. Apparently as a rule of thumb you should have your racket restrung each year the total number of times you play per week – or if the elasticity in the strings feel dead or not as crisp as it once did.

Racquet Restrings

Some Ways To Get The Air Out Of Your Bouncy Castle

12/05/2014 by MoBits

1) The traditional way! I.E. Switch the inflatable off at the mains and then wait a few minutes for as much air as possible to naturally escape and then walk all over the inflatable to get as much air out as possible. (Try to avoid walking on the artwork! As you want this to be as clean as possible for the next hire). Also try to ensure your shoes are not too muddy otherwise it will be covered in dirty footprints!

2) Your local bouncy castle hire company like KC Bouncy Castles at who has equipment may have zips in it or extra deflation tubes — make sure that these are all undone.

3) There is a way that you can use the blower to get more air out. Disconnect the blower from the outlet tube, turn the blower around 90 degrees and then fix some rolled up cardboard to go on the vent of the blower and then through the outlet tube. Try and make the connections as air-tight as possible. Then switch the blower* on and it should suck in some of the air from the inflatable. You may need to get a special bracket to attach the cardboard tube to the vent on the side of the blower **.

4) Leave the inflatable for 20 minutes for the air to escape naturally. (This is probably not practicable in most situations especially on a busy hire day!) You should be looking to have the bouncy castle packed away within 10 minutes.. Although this is dependent upon the size of the inflatable and the environment.

5) Ask the children at the party (or even the adults) to help you get the air out by trampling on it. (Try to make sure their shoes are reasonably clean!) This can make very light work of getting all the air out.

Mildew on bouncy castles occurs when mould combines with moisture which is always present in the air. The mildew grows in damp dark warm places. The moisture may come from putting the bouncy castle away whilst still wet or damp.

When the conditions are right, mildew begins to grow within 24 – 48 hours and will continue until the problem is addressed.

The best way to prevent the build-up of mildew is to dry out your equipment (air it out in the sun if possible) thoroughly as soon as you can. Cleaning with soap and water will often take care of mildew stains, but actually killing mildew requires the power of bleach. It’s really important though that you don’t use the bleach neat, as the fumes can be toxic and also it can damage the material the inflatable is made from (and damage the artwork).

Dilute the bleach (e.G. 1 part of bleach to 10 parts of water). Try it first on a non-visible part or a loose piece of material in your repair kit. Wear rubber gloves and use a sponge, cloth or soft-bristled brush to apply the solution. Wipe down with a damp sponge.

Once it is completely dry, you can then sprinkle some talculm powder onto the unit. Some hirers swear by this as it keeps the inflatable smelling pleasant and also seems to help to absorb any moisture.

Some hirer’s use a cloth and wipe the infected area with methylated spirits and water (50/50 ratio) followed by wiping down with a damped cloth containing just water. Again, it would be a good idea to test the solution on a loose piece of material first (e.G. In your repair kit) to avoid damaging the inflatable/artwork.

Also, important to have skin and mouth protection.

Photo Booths – the Latest Trend

24/02/2014 by MoBits

When it comes to booth companies such as who ever thought that they would be able to contribute to the green trend? In order to encourage consumers to recycle a team of imaginative people has developed a photo booth that is interactive and enjoyable. That way people are encouraged to recycle because instead of associating recycling with a tedious chore they associate it is as something fun and social. On one occasion we got locked out of the photo booth and had to call a double glazing repair specialist to fix the locks and windows. Suffice to say this was a trauma we could have done without. They have turned recycling in to a fun game whereby you can take photos of yourself and share them with friends and family. It really does help to put a positive spin on the whole idea of recycling, because there are so many people out there who find it to be something that is time consuming. Once you create something that allows people to interact in a fun way they tend to respond a lot better and they may even encourage others to make use of the recycling photo booth.

For certain events, you sometimes need to have a number of things to entertain your guests with. Some can be one of these forms of entertainment. Therefore, you have to decide which item will be the main entertainment and which one will be just the extras. This is important so that this main entertainment is able to keep everyone entertained and is the main focus. In addition, this is especially important in functions like weddings. It is crucial that everything is planned properly and goes well at this memorable day. A wedding is a very special day that is remembered for years. So making it memorable for you, your family, and guests is important. Make sure that everyone enjoys your main entertainment at your event. Yes, you will be the center of your attention at your wedding, but you and your guests also need something that will let you have some fun. Photo booths are the best way to do this.

Our technology has allowed us to enjoy a whole lot of benefits. We are now able to do anything and everything quickly and easily. One of the things we are enjoying now is the booths. These photo booths allow you capture those spontaneous moments and make great memories. Photos moved from black and white to color together with a whole lot of other features. Photo booths are now the main attraction at any event. They are modern fun, exciting and can fit into any event whether a wedding, party, or anything else. These creations also come with a wide variety of features that you can use to suit your particular taste. Therefore, technology continues to allow us to enjoy all these wonderful creations with our friends and loved ones. So capture those special moments each time using this great creation that was made to be enjoyed by us all.
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Photo Booths at weddings

07/11/2013 by MoBits

Photography is the art of capturing lasting digital images in a bid to preserve a moment as a memory. A photo booth on the other hand is a kiosk or a vending machine that has an automated digital camera and is usually more often than not, coin operated. Photo booth hires is very popular at weddings.

The popularity of the photo booths at weddings is mostly because of their three major advantages;

  • Entertainment: Photo booths act as a source of entertainment for the guests at the wedding, especially at the reception, where everyone is usually dressed to impress. They are a great way for guests to interact and create friendships.
  • Photos: Weddings are typically happy affairs, with great memories for family and friends from both sides of the matrimonial couple. Photos are a great way for these people to mingle and create lasting memories of fun times at the weddings
  • The Photo Strip Guest Book: At a wedding reception, photo booths provide the guests with the opportunity to create a photo strip guest book, which has replaced the more traditional signed guest book. This has become very popular at wedding events due to the ease with which it is easy to create a photo strip guest book. It was made even more popular when in 2008; Google began tracking photo booth rental, and wedding photo booth rentals as a social media trend.
  • Convenience and affordability: Another great selling point for photo booths at weddings is the convenience. Professional photographers are expensive, and it would take an outrageous amount of money to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of all the guests at the event. It is therefore cheaper and less time consuming to have a photo booth or two present at the event for the guests to have pictures of themselves taken. It is also a lot more fun.

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A Candy Cart Is Perfect For A Wedding Reception

30/10/2013 by MoBits

So you have everything set out in your mind about how you want your wedding reception to be. You have cards that lay out the seating arrangements and everyone should be happy with who is at their table. You have also informed everyone of the kind of style you want for your wedding in regards to their dress code, the caterers are hired, the entertainment for later on is set; that is everything, right?

If you have managed to get this far in the process then well done, it takes a lot of time, effort and, most of all, stress to get here however why not add one last little element to your wedding reception that could propel it from being just enjoyable to actually being quite unique.

Breaking Tradition

Ok, having a candy cart at your wedding is not exactly breaking tradition as they are becoming much more prevalent these days however it is something that not many people are going to have at their reception. Why not? Mainly because if candy is offered at a wedding reception then it is going to be as part of a wedding favour but you can add something extra to the day with a candy cart.

The thing with the candy carts that you can hire for the day is that they are very flexible in terms of how they fit into your wedding theme. So you having a very traditional wedding, all formal with lots of whites and light colours. The majority of wedding specific candy carts have been made to look elegant to fit in with this theme. Beautiful white designs, understated but prominent appearances and a selection of colourful sweets means that they don’t look out of place at all with the overall colour scheme for your wedding.

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A Wedding to Remember with a Chocolate Fountain

26/10/2013 by MoBits

Your wedding day should be a once in a lifetime event. For all couples who are preparing for this big event, they go head over heels checking the list to make sure that everything will be perfect on that day.

A couple’s checklist may include the wedding dress, colours for the ceremony, foods and reception area as well.

Speaking of the reception, which for most of us is actually the best part, the wedding reception is where the fun happens. Families, friends and guests are treated to sumptuous foods amid sparkling decorations in the reception hall. Talking of decorations, a wedding reception hall usually has an elaborate set up as well. The most common decorations would be the flowers, probably some couriered curtains here and there as well as soothing lighting. A buffet table has its own decorations too and one notable decoration that is gaining popularity is the chocolate fountain. We love the company that provide a base and surround with the product – see below for an example.

A chocolate fountain is equipment used to serve chocolate fondue. It resembles a stacked cone or inverted cups with a basin at the base. Liquid or melted chocolate is brought to the top of the fountain using a corkscrew, located at the centre of the fountain. Fruits and pastries can be dipped in the fountain for guest’s enjoyment.

Chocolate is one of the most common sweets so it is just right that having a chocolate fountain will give pleasure to your guests, which in turn will give a very nice feedback and reviews to you as a couple as you organised the event.

Over the years, several designs, shapes and modification have been made to the chocolate fountains and they are now widely available in the market. Indeed, it is very common to see them at event such as wedding nowadays.

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New LED Photo Booth

25/10/2013 by MoBits

We were recently browsing the internet and browsing Google images and found a new LED photo booth which has recently come to the market. The more common services are those which are made of aluminium and slot together to build somewhat of a frame. Velcro panels are then placed over the frame to give the illusion of an enclosed private area to take photos. This booth was particularly different in not only did it have the LED panels but it was made out of steel. After doing a bit more research we’ve decided to compare the two.


Most photo booths use a DSLR camera whether it’s made by Canon or Nikon. Many of the top cameras can also record video which is another exciting feature most photo booths possess. The camera takes three or four photos with an external flash moderating the light in the booth. The cameras take their shots with outstanding quality and it’s now left to the printer to do the rest. Unlike some company use webcams as oppose to the DSLR cameras.

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Decorating Your Wedding Dance Floor

18/10/2013 by MoBits

Once the ceremony is over and you have done all the traditional and formal aspects of your wedding, it is time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself.

While the ceremony provides the real glamour and sophistication of a wedding with endless photo opportunities and everybody looking their best, it can be a bit stifled and uptight at times. This is how they are meant to be and the real fun starts at the reception. For most people the venues for the ceremony and the reception are very different especially if the ceremony is held in a church so the party afterwards is much more of an informal event.

Usually these receptions start off with the meal and food and end with a disco or a DJ or band playing music well into the night. After a few drinks it will be difficult to find anyone who isn’t up on the dance floor at some point during the evening however there are some things you can do to get the most out of your dance floor at your wedding.

Finding A Suitable Space

Many venues have a space dedicated for using as a dance floor anyway so this isn’t much of a problem however if you are having your reception in a hall or large room that isn’t normally used for this kind of event then you need to make your own space.

A good tip is to create quite a large area; you never know how many people are going to be on the dance floor at any one time and while you don’t want too much space so it looks empty, you also don’t want it to be crowded and cramped. Read the rest of this entry »

We Had Popcorn At Our Wedding And Everybody Loved It!

26/09/2013 by MoBits

We really wanted to have something a bit out of the norm for our wedding day.

While everything was put in place well in advance such as the location for our ceremony, our reception venue, invites had been made and distributed and dresses and suits tried on and bought, in the weeks leading up to the event we started racking our brains to think of something to offer that wasn’t the usual wedding food. Something that would seem unique without costing too much money or requiring too much effort.

This can be dangerous territory. Weddings are very traditional affairs and we knew that people expected many of the usual wedding foods and entertainment when they attended however we thought we would try and throw a curve ball as it were and provide something that you wouldn’t normally associate with our big day. This is how we decided on popcorn.

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Chocolate Fountains: A growing trend among wedding receptions

15/09/2013 by MoBits

Among all the events that we want to be memorable in our lives, our wedding ceremony and wedding reception would be on the top of the list.

This is a once in a lifetime event and there is a great deal of preparation and planning involved in a wedding. Giving all you have for this event is necessary and understandable and you need to take serious time in looking for the best place to have the ceremony, the best dresses and of course, the best foods and decoration for the wedding reception. And one of the growing trends nowadays among the wedding reception is the chocolate fountain.

Having a chocolate fountain in a wedding reception is not entirely new these days. Before, chocolate fountains could only be found in a gala or some philanthropists’ dinner for charity but ever since this product has gained its popularity, more and more companies are developing these chocolate fountains so that almost anyone can afford to have either buy or rent them or special occasions such as a wedding or a party.

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How Our Magician Made Our Wedding Unique

14/09/2013 by MoBits

When we were planning our wedding, all that was going through our heads was that we needed it to be a success. Not so much in regards to use getting married – that was always going to go smoothly – but that our guests enjoyed themselves and we gave them an occasion to remember for years to come.

To be honest, this is probably on every couple’s minds when they are putting their wedding in motion. The day is meant to be about YOU but really it is about providing a fantastic day for your loved ones; which, as anyone that has gone through this process before will tell you, is easier said than done. Really easier said than done.

The Process

We were too caught up in finding the right caterer, the right venue and having everything perfect and coordinated that we overlooked the uniqueness of the event. We are only getting married once so why not do something that is a little out of the ordinary? We had music booked, we had the meals all sorted and a venue big enough to hold everyone but when we sat down and thought about all this we decided that we should do something that no-one will be expecting.

Why? Well, why not? Like we said, we are only going to get married once so we wanted to do something that would be memorable for everyone involved and it was with this in mind that we decided to take the step and hire a magician for our wedding.

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